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    TitleDoctors is an LA-based film naming firm specializing in developing marketable movie titles that maximize the potential of major motion pictures at the box office. With 20 years of naming experience under our belts, there’s a reason major motion picture studios call us back again and again.


TitleDoctors, guarantee our work as long as our proven methodologies are not compromised including asking price, timeframe, and testing.

After 20 years of naming and branding for businesses and brands, naming for movies is a natural yet revolutionary evolution in the movie making process. We have adopted our tried and tested methods for the movie industry and have worked closely with nearly every major motion picture studio to develop the most marketable and alluring movie titles since launching in 2007.

Client must provide a copy of the most complete and current movie script. TitleDoctors will read and meticulously review the script taking note of key phrases and overarching movie themes.

Based on notes derived from Phase 1 combined with the stated objectives of studio executives, TitleDoctors will develop a naming criteria document to guide name development and serve as a basis for evaluation. The document will specify considerations to be addressed throughout the name exploration and will help to determine the final name candidates in the most objective manner possible. As this can become a very subjective process, this step is very important. Typically, we ask more detailed questions regarding the marketing of the film to ensure the exploration is as narrow and deep as possible. This step has also proven to help executives get the buy in of other stakeholders including directors, producers, and talent. The client must approve the final naming criteria before the creative process starts. Names for foreign films requiring translation and other language considerations will require expert language consultants and linguists. This phase will help to determine the right experts to be involved in the project.

Once the client has approved the naming criteria, we will be in a position to develop the movie title. The title will be appropriate to the project, specified audiences and the client’s objectives and will also be proprietary to the extent necessary. This process includes a minimum of 3-cycle of creative exploration, logical filtration, and legal elimination over the 3-week timeframe needed to create the very strongest options possible. Using Baseline Studio Systems, IMDB Pro, and MPAA, a preliminary search of the top 10 recommended titles will be conducted for ownership/trademark-ability and appropriateness. After the initial presentation, the client may select other titles from the complete deck to be searched.

Prior to presentation a full title deck of anywhere from 60-100 options will be presented to an exclusive TitleDoctors board of advisors that include Ph.D. Linguists, notable editors, and other noted industry experts who do not present a conflict of interest and remain under NDA. Final Phase 3 Deliverables include: Full title deck of all titles explored titles and a presentation of top 10.

TitleDoctors offers leading industry market research using state-of-the-art quantitative research to help select the final title candidates. The final 3 title candidates (working title plus 2 more) will be tested with at least 250 moviegoers each to narrow the field, looking for statistically different results between titles. Special attention will focus on the demographic appeal of each title, as well as responses from early attendees (moviegoers who tend to watch movies within two weeks of theatrical release) to determine which titles would draw the most moviegoers to the box office. A comprehensive analytical report will summarize results for each title. The cost for this phase is based on amount of titles tested. Allow 2 weeks for testing. Phase 4 Deliverables include: Full documented report of research findings.

John Doe

John Doe - Founder

John Doe

John Doe - Founder

John Doe

John Doe - Founder

A Set of skillful masterminds!

Title Types

Yes, even titles have a personality type and knowing how the directors and marketers plan to spin the script determines what it will be. For example, a movie can feature a couple on a honeymoon but the themes can vary greatly. Depending on the angle, which is heavily dependent on the editing and the advertising plan, the focus could very well be love or adventure or betrayal or location, or a strong character focus. As we identify the top 3 title types we derive from the script, we ask the studio executives to help narrow down the focus based on these core types.

Primary Title Types

[i.e. Detoured, The Hangover, High School Musical]

[i.e. Pulp Fiction, Gothika, 12 Monkeys]

[Title + Subhead/Franchise i.e., Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man’s Chest]

[Because I Said So, The Road Less Traveled]

[Disturbia, Se7sen]


[i.e. What Lies Beneath, The Matrix]


[i.e. No Country for Old Men, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest]


[i.e. Pearl Harbor, Sin City, Barbershop, Titanic, Chicago, Jurassic Park]

Fictitious Intellectual Property Specific
[Jurassic Park instead of Prehistoria, Jumanji vs. The Puzzle]

Character Focus
[Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Jerry McGuire, Juno, Captain Philips]



Jamil Houston, MSA

Chief Creative Officer
& Founder

As founder and CCO of Semantix, Jamil Houston offers a multitude of talents complementary to the demands of successful branding initiatives. Since 1997, Jamil has helped build meaningful client and customer relationships through brand clarity and distinction, intelligent marketing strategies and compelling advertising and naming development.

Today, Jamil serves as an expert naming and brand strategist consulting clients worldwide. In her “spare” time, Jamil serves on the executive board of directors and volunteers for Restore, a renewal center for women and children of domestic violence, serving the greater Los Angeles area.


River Jordan Barrie

Junior Executive

River Barrie joined the TitleDoctors team as a summer intern in 2010. His humble beginnings as an office assistant running errands, filing, and answering phones quickly blossomed into sales and part-time naming position. Since the very young age of six, River has always had an inherent talent of naming, using his premature knowledge of vocabulary to create unconventional terminology and names like Xigglo, his own umbrella company and website currently under development. River was only two when he began to speak in complete sentences but others were taken by surprise when he began to create rhymes at the same time. Following the footsteps of his father who is a pastor and stand up comedian, River became a stand up comic at only 5 years old. He has performed at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, as well as several comedy clubs and churches throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. As River strives for his bachelor’s degree in Communications, he works part time for TitleDoctors in sales, accounting, and naming. As he learns the ropes, River hopes to someday run all operations of TitleDoctors as the vice president of operations and eventually the company president.


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Parent Company

TitleDoctors is a Semantix company.



Inspired by Irving Grant Thalberg

Inspired by Irving Grant Thalberg
STICKY TD Article,Inspiration

Inspired by Irving Grant Thalberg Irving Grant Thalberg was an American film producer during the early years of motion pictures known as “The Boy Wonder” for his youth and his extraordinary ability to select the right scripts, right actors, and make hundreds of very profitable films. His movies include Mutiny on the Bounty, Gone With the Wind and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was Thalberg who first coined the terms, film doctor and title doctor, as he referred to